Sherpa Wedding

History and Procedure involvement
  • Dates decided based on astrological charts
  • Family of the groom visits the family of bride to be with the marriage proposal and a day is set based on the birth charts of the groom and bride to be.
  • For checking the compatibility, the birth charts have the assigned animals that the boy and girl are associated with at the time of their birth. These animals are also matched during the matching of the birth charts.
  • Lama, the person who looks after all the religious events of the Sherpa selects the auspicious day.
  • On the auspicious day, the guardians or the elders in house of groom visit the house of bride to be as based on the tradition the parents aren’t the one to visit the bride’s house.
  • The proposal ceremony is known as Sodene, where a jar of Chhaang (traditional barely beer) is offered by the groom’s family to the bride’s. The acceptance of the jar by the bride’s family marks that the bride is now officially the part of the groom’s family.
Number of days

The stages in marriage has three stages which can last up to three years or more.

First step known as Trichang; the proposal

Second stage the Longchang; the confirmation

Third and final stage the Demchang


Due to the high expenditure there are cases where the couples have escaped Demchang and started a new family from Longchang.

Wedding attire for men: Chubas on top of white shirt that has stiff collar and is tied with a cloth belt at the waist.

Wedding attire for men: Traditionally made from the sheepskin or weaved from thr wool spun at home but at present silk fabrics are used. Colorful striped aprons decorated with silver buckle.

Both men and women wear trimmed and intricate fur hats.


Known for simple but a lovely wedding, the Sherpa wedding a relaxed and cheerful vibe.

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