Christian Wedding


For Christians, marriage symbolizes the holy unification of two souls. It is the uniting of one man and one woman to form one body in love and commitment. It is believed that the first detailed account of a Christian wedding in the West dates from the 9th century. Since then, the rituals have been followed and celebrated.

Christian marriages often take place in a Church or a Chapel in the presence of a priest or a minister, with the blessing of Jesus Christ and his holiness.


In a Christian wedding, besides the bride and the groom, there are a number of people who play an important role throughout the wedding. One of them is the “priest”, without an official priest, the wedding cannot be validated religiously.

There are bridesmaids and groomsmen who are the couple’s friends and family. Along with them, there are flower girls and ring bearer, without whom, the wedding will be incomplete.

The Procedures

The wedding unfolds when the groom proposes to the bride. After the bride answers with a “yes”, the preparation for the wedding beings. On the day of the wedding, the bride and groom side of the family gather together along with other guests to celebrate the couple’s love. The wedding is all about celebrating life and love. The Christian weddings normally go on for 30 minutes but catholic ceremonies run longer about 90 minutes. 

The priest starts the ceremony with the groom by their side and waits for the bride’s arrival. The priest is a very important part of the wedding because; they are responsible to validate the procedure.

Once the bride reaches the altar, the ceremony starts. The priest leads the couple in expressing their commitment to each other through the taking of vows and blesses their union. The wedding rituals may differ due to different beliefs and traditions, but the zest is same.

The couple exchange vows which are the promises they promise to keep throughout their lives. They exchange rings which is the ultimate sign of belonging to each other. The groom then kisses his bride to seal their marriage. Once the priest pronounces them husband and wife, the reception starts with dances, food, wine, and cake.  


Unlike other weddings, Christian weddings are different because of their tradition of making vows. The vows are taken by the couple and can be self-written or initiated by the priest.The vows represent the lifetime of promises the couple wants to make to each other.  

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